Our house: a before & after

We celebrated 1 month in our new house this weekend and while the changes we’ve made have been relatively subtle, they’ve been just the right touches to make the place feel like our home. First up in our little before & after series is the entry room. The previous owner used the front space as a living room but we found it a bit awkward as the front door brings you right in without even a small foyer or hallway. Instead, we decided to bring our dining room table here and a few simple chairs to greet guests. You’ll see we decided to paint the walls white and in keeping with all of your suggestions, we got rid of all that dark trim! The only thing we kept in the original wood is the window.

We found these 2 fantastic benches at Homesense that work well on either side of the table.  You can see we have a small issue in the left-hand corner. This is where the previous owner installed the stereo system that is wired through the entire house. He kept all the wires hidden in the credenza that you see to the right of the fireplace in the “before” shot. We’re actually considering building an l-shaped built-in bench around the table, and the stereo could be stored inside. What do you think?

Of course my moose pillow found a perfect home, and as always, Boomer finds himself at home during every home photoshoot!

As you can maybe tell, we’re lacking any kind of storage space for shoes in this room. At the moment, I’ve put an old piece of reclaimed barn board under the window, but when winter really hits, this just won’t suffice. Welcoming any suggestions for wet and slushy boots!!


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  1. kerri October 26, 2011 at 10:57 am #

    Looks amazing!! I never thought you’d get out from your mountains of boxes! The white was definitely the way to go. Love the fireplace. As for muddy boots, we just use those oh-so attractive rubber mats. Ikea has lots of neat wall mounted shoe racks, but they don’t work for muddy boots – let me know if you find anything!

  2. lifebeginsatthirtyright October 26, 2011 at 3:13 pm #

    YES YES YES!! I’m so glad you painted it out – don’t you LOVE it?!I’m a big, big fan :-)

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