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Anniversary Inspiration Continued.

We’ve been exploring Vermont and Lake Placid, NY this week as a destination for my sis and her husband to celebrate 10 years together. Today, we’ve got a few fun adventure ideas for the trip!

Both A and C are great skiiers, so time on the slopes is a must. After a long day of exercise in the fresh air, what could be tastier than fondue? Cheese, chocolate, then more cheese, then more chocolate!

My brother-in-law is a real beer guy and since Burlington, Vermont has been touted as the world’s 4th best city for beer lovers, a brewery tour is a must! There’s a host of craft breweries all over the state of Vermont and several famous tours. They’re considering this trip for March, but they migh just have to go back in May for one of 2 big annual beer festivals.

And if the snow is good and fluffy, a dogsled excursion could be a perfect afternoon in the wilderness.  Both Vermont and the Lake Placid area offer a few options. Just look at those furry faces, how can you resist?!

Photos clockwise from left via here, here, here and here.

Suitcase Tuesday: Whiteface Lodge

For today’s edition of Suitcase Tuesday, I’m whisking us to the cozy comforts of Whiteface Lodge with its plush bedding and crackling fires. This week, we’re providing inspiration to my sis and her husband for a special way to celebrate 10 years together.

After a short flight from Toronto on Porter Air to Burlington, Vermont, it’s a 2.5 hour drive to Whiteface Lodge in Lake Placid. It would be closer to ski and explore Sutton, but for such a momentous occasion, the extra trek to the Adirondaks is worth it!

Wake up to a nice cup of coffee by your own fire, then after a full day of slooshing on the Whiteface Mountain slopes, indulge in a swim and maple butter massage at the lodge spa… yum!

Photos via here and here.

Gift inspiration

My sister and her husband are approaching a milestone anniversary this coming March: 10 years! My sis has asked for a little help in finding a special way to celebrate, so this week’s posts will all be related to a short getaway idea to… Lake Placid, New York!

Porter Airlines has just announced a new flight from Toronto to Burlington, Vermont making this an easy hop. With chatter of our first snowfall coming tonight, what better destination than snowy Lake Placid to serve as wintery inspiration for this anniversary gift.

Photos via here and here.

Little Luxe!

This is very exciting news for traveling Moms and Dads… Luxe has launched a littles series! The initial editions are for Hong Kong and Singapore, but with their regular collection growing so quickly, I’m sure it won’t be long before more destinations are available.

If you aren’t familiar with Luxe City Guides, they are a must-have travel accessory. They are small and compact, but brimming with excellent recommendations for hotels, restaurants, galleries, shopping and more. And best of all, written with a fantastic sense of humour! And now, traveling with your family just got a whole lot easiers.

Brava ladies at Luxe – the littles idea is brilliant!

Photos: traveling baby via flickr and luxe guide via here.

Suitcase Tuesday: Inle Princess Resort

One of my absolute best travel experiences was a research trip to northern Myanmar in 2009. I had to get a special travel permit to fly up to the valley village of Putao to scout a new hotel at the time called the Malikha Lodge. The setting, the lodge itself, and the staff were absolutely exquisite, but sadly the owners were muscled out of the region by the junta. The property is still there, but of course, not the same.

I was only supposed to stay at the lodge for 2 nights, but because the flight out of Putao was “unexpectedly” canceled, I had to stay a whole week. Personally, I couldn’t have been more thrilled to enjoy more of the region, but it did mean that I missed out on the rest of my research trip, which included a visit to the Inle Princess Resort on Inle Lake. For those that work in travel, especially in Asia, this hotel is  a legend. The reflection on the lake is absolutely magical and every day life in Inle is fascinating. Homes are built on stitls and boats are propelled with one leg and an oar as you see in the photo above, a technique exclusive to Inle. I’ve heard, that sunset on Inle Lake is like no other sunset in the world. Which is why… I’m crossing fingers and toes that an unconfirmed work trip to Cambodia in March just may allow C to come meet me back in Myanmar!

* photos via here, here and here.

Suitcase Tuesday: Turks + Caicos

I’m not sure how you can write a blog about travel and host a weekly post about spectacular hotels and NOT blog about staying at the Amanyara Resort in Turks + Caicos. And yet… I do, and I did. Shame on me!

If you’re an Amanjunky, you know that this is not an image of Amanyara because so painfully, I can not seem to locate any of my photos from my 3 night stay in this tranquil paradise on Providenciales island. And because I raved so much about the gorgeous white beaches and turquoise waters, my sister is itching to go. She found this villa site and is dreaming of staying at the Ballyhoo Cottage.  The setting, the view, the décor… wow! Even though my stay at Amanyara was heaven (our villa had a private beach and cove!) and it was an amazing way to spend time with a good girlfriend, I think I’m more of a villa kind of gal when it comes to the beach.

How about you? Amanyara or Ballyhoo?

Suitcase Tuesday: The Fearrington House Inn

Today’s Suitcase Tuesday has me living vicariously through my big sis who has been jetsetting around North America to see about a boy. Remember that trip to Bangkok? Well, thankfully, that never happened (that boy was a bust). But where one door closes, another one opens, right? Just a few weeks after she was meant to fly over the Pacific, she jumped down to New Orleans for a friends’ wedding and standing outside a beautiful Abbey spotted her new beau. Since, they’ve met up in Santa Barabara and most recently in his home state of North Carolina. For 2 nights, they soaked up all the charm of the Fearrington House Inn – can you believe that barn?! Check out the weddings section of their site… gorgeous! If I ever make it down to the Fearrington, these boots here are comin’ with. My friend Meredith of Powell & Co posted on them on facebook yesterday. Still awaiting source… stay tuned!

Suitcase Tuesday: Minimoon in Niagara

When C and I first bought our house, we figured we wouldn’t honemoon at all, especially since we take possession just 5 days after the wedding. But the thought of returning to a boxed-up apartment after the celebration seemed too sad, so I bit the bullet and booked us for 2 nights in Niagara-on-the-Lake at the Oban Inn. It’s perfect for us. A small restored 1824-private home with just 26 rooms, it’s right in the old town and has an outdoor lap pool & hottub, bike storage, and free parking! What’s not to love?!

Photos via here and here.

Suitcase Tuesday: The Standard New York

It is so good to be back in NYC! I managed to get a great deal at The Standard Hotel on Jetsetter. The hotel’s location in the heart of the Meatpacking District is perfect, especially with the High Line right below! I couldn’t resist snapping a pic of the homemade oatmeal that I had this morning after a 6am trip to the gym on the 17th floor (where the view of the Hudson is spectacular!) Trying to squeeze in as much training for my Duathlon in Muskoka this coming weekend!

*photo of The Standard via here.

Granado: São Paulo, Brazil

I can’t believe I’ve been in São Paulo a week already. My conference is coming to a close tonight and I’ll have 2 more days of work here before flying back home on Tuesday night, it just isn’t enough time! With one hour to spare yesterday, I discovered Granado: Brazil’s original pharmacy-turned-beautiful body shop. To this day, they still produce all of their own products using local ingredients. The packaging is so beautiful I couldn’t resist leaving with a heaping bag of goodies!

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