{the little things…}

I woke up on the wrooong side of the bed this morning. Hey, it happens right?

But all was turned right-side up again when I showed up to work to find that a colleague had brought in St-Viateur Montreal Bagels from a weekend in Quebec. An absolute Canadian indulgence, they are best eaten lightly toasted with whipped cream cheese.

Amazing how the little things can brighten a day, eh?

* photos from here and here.

{dabbling in a duathlon…}

Well, it’s not exactly dabbling if you’re going to run 2km, bike 25km and run another 7km! I’m not expecting a first prize ribbon in my August 8th race, but I do hope to finish with at least a little class ;)

Photo via here.

{a year in C’s…}

An exciting day here at lovelyvélo, celebrating one year since my first post! In addition to being inspired by all of you creative bloggers and readers, lovelyvélo has been a collection of many wonderful experiences that all just happen to coincide with the letter “C“.

Since the first post, both of my parents, C+C (truly!) turned 60. We celebrated my Dad’s with a round of golf and a cozy campfire in the backyard. My Mom’s was an amazing week in Mallorca (with pictures to come soon!).
The summer ended with a beautiful garden cocktail wedding and the addition of a new family member – a brother! And no surprise here… he’s a C too! (gorgeous couple, non?!)
Then in November, after scoring a new job, my C and I whisked off to Cuba. The ultimate highlight, catching Buena Vista Social Club live… for free!
When we got home, we adopted the cuddly cat I had been wishing for. He was perhaps a little over-cuddly at first but is finally gaining some independence!
Over the winter, I was so lucky to support CANADA in the 2010 games. My parents and I volunteered and my sister and best friend had the amazing privilege to carry the torch. The celebration gave me so much to be proud of!
If you read lovelyvélo often, you know there’s a C that appears here regularly. The beautiful bike he built me for my 30th inspired the name of this little blog. We moved into this sweetest blue house in September and since then he’s built me a craft studio, a dining table and a garden – the ultimate supporter and inspirer of all things craft!

How does a year get better than this?

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